How to Start a Call Centre in Delhi

How to Start a Call Centre in Delhi
Posted on Feb 05, 2020

Like it or now, call centres, BPO services etc. are the foundation of technological industries in India. They have grown so relevant at an international scale that a “call centre executive” is basically a stereotype for us Indian people. However, many of the pre-established call centres were not created for pure intentions, and it is time to put Delhi, the national capital, on the map where call centres with good intentions exist. Therefore, we are here to assist with that and provide you with a simple procedure to start a call centre in Delhi.

The two processes to start a call centre in Delhi

There are two processes to start a call centre in Delhi. Now, they aren’t processes that you choose from, they are the ones you have to go through:

  1. The analytical process: This process involves the technological, infrastructural and the budgetary needs that you need to take care for when starting a call centre. The process involves the following guidelines:
    • Deciding the type of call centre: There are two kinds of call centres: inbound and outbound. You will need to decide which you want to start. Inbound call centres are to provide customers support, while the outbound call centres are marketing based.
    • Deciding the name of the call centre: The purpose of the call centre shall define the name. Choose the right one and choose quickly.
    • Deciding upon the budget of the call centre: There is a lot of infrastructure and equipment you are going to need for the call centre. Deciding a budget of them beforehand shall help you decide upon the scope of your business.
    • Deciding upon the infrastructure size: The scope of business becomes the decisive factor in the size of the infrastructure. You need to make sure that your needs are within the budget that you have decided.
    • Consultations with Network Engineers: You would need to consult with the network engineers to decide the type, the topography, number of nodes, and number of equipment, security implementations and other hardware factors to implement the equipment of the call centres.
    • Deciding the number of seats within the call centre: Depending upon your scope, you are going to hire call centre executives/associates. Therefore, you will need to pre-decide the number of seats.
  2. The legal process: The analytical process shall entail a fair number of technological, architectural and financial experts. However, the legal process is the more important one and it entails obtain the registration that shall allow you to run a call centre:
    • Incorporate a company: The first step of the legal process is to register a company. The reason behind company incorporation is this: only a company can be an applicant for obtaining OSP registration.
    • Collect the following documents: Before you apply for the registration, you will need to collect the following documents and get them attested by a CA or a CS:
      1. Certificate of Incorporation
      2. MOA and AOA of the company
      3. A note specifying the type of OSP (a call centre in this case)
      4. List of directors of the company
      5. The shareholding pattern of the company
    • File the application for OSP registration: The application for OSP registration is to be filled in Form-1. You can download the application from the official website. Once you file it, upload the requisite documents and submit the government fees.

Once you file the application, you shall have to wait for the DOT to process it. With time, and depending on how correctly you have filed the application, you will get the OSP registration and with it, the right to start a call centre.


In order to start a call centre, there are two processes that you need to take care of: The analytical process and the legal process. Both of these processes require the assistance of niche experts. Dotospregistration is an expert that belongs to the legal niche and analytic niche. Therefore, if you plan to start a call centre in Delhi, you better call us and get all the help you need.

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