What are the Security Conditions to Run an OSP?

What are the Security Conditions to Run an OSP?
Posted on Mar 13, 2020

There are some security conditions that must be met to run an OSP. The department of telecommunication can inspect, assess or ask for appropriate data regarding these conditions from the OSP at any given time. Therefore, whether you are a call center or a Tele trading company, you should always be aware of the security parameters that are being set by the DOT.

The reason for this concern

An OSP is a technological based industry that makes the use of high end electronic hardware. Wrong weather or human error can compromise these electronics. As a result, there can either be a security breach or the safety issue for the workers within such centres. Therefore, the Department of Telecommunications have setup these security conditions.

List of security conditions

  1. When the DOT (from now on, let us call it the Authority) asks the OSP that there is an inspection required, OSP should follow the rules. Under this condition:
    • The OSP provides access of the hardware to authorized individuals sent by the authority
    • The authorized individuals have to ensure that all the equipments are checked properly.
  2. Installation of electronic equipments should be done in a way that is hot hazardous to anyone who works in the organization. The installation should follow the statutes, rules and regulations set up by the authority.
  3. When the authority asks for Call Detail Records from the OSP, the OSP should provide it with the same without any delay. The reason that the authority asks for such records to check if there are any security breaches done by the workers of the OSP.

These security conditions should be met at all times if you want to run your OSP operations smoothly.

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