All You Need To Know About DOT OSP Compliance

All You Need To Know About DOT OSP Compliance
Posted on Dec 17, 2019

There are several legal requirements that you need to go through to obtain OSP Registration to be able to run a call centre. However, once you have gotten your hands on the DOT OSP Registration, there are still requirements and regulations that you have to follow in order to maintain the centre. DOT (Department of Telecommunication) Compliance consists of forms through which you inform intricate details about your running OSP Operations to the DOT or Department of Telecommunication. Through this blog, you will understand all that you need to know about OSP Compliance.

Why to file DOT Compliance?

When you obtain the OSP registration, you basically obtain the rights to use telecommunication resources for business purposes. However, in order to ensure that these resources are not misused in anyway. Therefore, your OSP Centre (Call Centre / BPO) comes under the scrutiny of the Department of Telecommunication. This scrutiny is important to protect the business interests of the consumers as well as the national interests of the country. DOT Compliance is a way to inform the Department of Telecommunication about the Annual Returns and Changes within the OSP. This is why filing the compliance is important.

Types of DOT OSP Compliance

There are two types of DOT OSP compliances that an OSP registered company needed to be filed to the Department of Telecommunication:

  1. Event Based Compliance: This compliance is to be filed to the DOT if there are some important personnel, infrastructural changes to the OSP centre. It needs to be filed within 15 days of the change.
  2. Annual Compliances: This compliance is the Annual Return that informs the DOT about the financial details of the OSP (Other Service Provider).

Event-Based Compliance

An OSP centre has to file event-based compliance if there has been some change in the OSP centre:

  1. Change in personnel: When we are talking about personnel within the company, we are not talking about the non-essential personnel. We are talking about the key management personnel such as directors, CFOs and other CXOs.
  2. Change in infrastructure: If there is somewhat change in the infrastructure of the company. Like new technologies or something else.
  3. Change in location: OSP Registration is location based. Therefore, if your call centre is changing the location, you need to make changes in the registration.
  4. Other Changes: Other changes that have a long lasting impact on the OSP centre.

Event-based compliance needs to be filed within 15 days of event of the mentioned changes.

Annual Compliance

Annual compliance details the financial and the personnel detail of the OSP Centre. The details are as following:


  1. Name of the OSP: Name  of the company
  2. Type of the OSP: The type of OSP it is
  3. CIN of the company: Company Identification Number
  4. CIN of the holding company: Company identification Number of the holding company (if applicable)
  5. Details about the client: Name and location of the clients
  6. Details about the employees: Number of specific types of employees
  7. Annual turnover
  8. Net Profit and loss

Annual compliance or Annual returns need to be filed within 6 months after the end of the financial year.

For more information about the compliance or for assistance to file the compliance, contact our DOT OSP Registration experts.

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