Best DOT Licence Consultant in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore

Best DOT Licence Consultant in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore
Posted on Jan 06, 2020

What does every significant metropolitan city in India name Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore have in common? The first answer that comes to mind when you ask this question yourself is the IT sector. The information technology sector in these metropolitan cities has been on the rise since the past decade. A by-product of this advancement is the emergence of OSPs or Other service providers. The OSPs are your call centres, your BPOs, your RPOs and others. If you want to setup your OSP, you need the OSP License for the job. For this purpose, you are going to need the help of the talented call center consultants.

What is OSP Registration?

OSP registration is an authorization given to the Other Service providers like Call Centres or BPOs. The body that provides this registration is called Department of Telecommunication. Through this registration, the OSPs have the license to use the telecommunication resources for their business purposes. The reason a DOT License or OSP License is mandatory to run call center operations is to ensure that none of the telecom resources are used in a way that can harm a nation. The DOT License consultant in Delhi and other metropolitan cities take proper measures to ensure that the license that you get is on time and also help you with staying compliant.

Why do you need consultants to obtain OSP registration?

By its very essence, every legal matter when it comes to obtaining licenses like OSP Licenses or OSP registration or any other license for that matter, the task is difficult. There are several legal requirements that pile on and on and every time, there are hurdles that stop you from obtaining the said licenses. From the Dot License consultant of Bangalore, and the call center consultants in Delhi to Dot License consultant in Kolkata and call centre consultants in Mumbai, there is a common thread connecting all of them. They are all aware of the legal hurdles that are presented when obtaining OSP License is a requirement. Therefore, there focus is ensuring that every legal matter that needs attending to is attended to beforehand. All these consultants belong to different geographical region and therefore, provide services that are specific to the type of OSP that are in depend there:

  1. Mumbai: The DOT license Consultant of Mumbai focus on bulk of requests to start call centres. There are many call centres that have found their home in Mumbai and the reason for it is the technological and the cultural growth of the region. The call centres of Mumbai are the most versatile and so is the clientele. Therefore, the Mumbai based DOT License experts focus on ensuring that all the needs are met.
  2. Delhi: The OSP registration consultants that reside in Delhi are focused upon ensuring that the geographical region is leveraged when applying for OSP registration. If someone wants to start and run a call centre in Delhi, the experts of this region are going to ensure that it happens without any hassle.
  3. Bangalore: The Call centre consultants in Bangalore focus upon KPOs and LPOs establishment. However, they are still flexible enough to accommodate other types of OSPS. The experts of this region ensure that proper registration process is taken into account. Furthermore, as much of the registration process depends upon the description of the OSP, they have in house writers that can help with this matter.
  4. Kolkata: The experts of Kolkata are multi lingual, for they can help you in a variety of ways. They involve themselves deeply with the process of OSP registration. Throughout the process, they also ensure that regular reports are forwarded to the people.

Now, you would think that experts of different regions provide different services. They don’t. They have the same qualities, same tenacities. Our DOT OSP registration experts can assist you no matter where you are in India.

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