Documents Required To Setup Domestic OSP Centre

Documents Required To Setup Domestic OSP Centre
Posted on Oct 01, 2019

So, you are planning to start a call centre, are you? Well. If you do know about the process associated with setting a call centre, then you should also must know about the OSP registration that you definitely require being able to run such a centre. Now, if you must know, there are two kinds of OSP centres:

  1. The domestic OSPs and
  2. The international OSPs

Through this blog, we are going to take a look into the documents that are required to start a call centre within the boundaries of a nation itself. You would be fortunate, to know that a domestic OSP is the one that can be established quite easily for the general documents that are required for this particular purpose are quite easy to acquire.

Documents you require to start an OSP centre:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation: If you have gone through the process of OSP registration, then you are already aware of the fact that a company becomes the very foundation of the OSP centre. It is this company that needs to acquire the right of OSP centre, and is only one applicable to apply for it. Therefore, after company registration, you first need to Photostat of Certificate of Incorporation.
  2. Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association: It is paramount that the objective to start a call centre is proper explained in the MOA and the AOA of the company. Therefore, these documents are needed to be presented along with the application of OSP registration as well.
  3. A board resolution that authorizes the authorized signatory: The applicant of the OSP centre needs to be authorized by the board to be the signatory for the OSP. Therefore, either a board resolution or a Power of attorney is required for this very purpose.
  4. Name of the business and the activities that are proposed by the company: While this particular matter can be explained in the MOA and the AOA, there needs to be a separate mention of the planned activities to be conducted within the OSP centre.
  5. List of the directors of the company: A complete list of the directors of the company is also needed to be presented to the Department of telecommunication along with the application for OSP registration.
  6. Present Shareholding pattern of the company: A note that specifies the individual contribution and the profit sharing criteria among the shareholders of the company should also be provided to the DOT.

Along with these documents, you also would need the application for OSP registration. However, remember this thing with distinction: The general application of OSP centre within domestic regions required general documents. For more information in this regard, you can contact our experts at dotospregistration.

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