What are the compliances of OSP Registration

What are the compliances of OSP Registration
Posted on Mar 16, 2020

Running a call centre, much like any other sort of business is required to adhere to certain compliances in order to stand. Therefore, through this article, we are going to touch upon not only the compliance that you need to get the registration, but also the ones that you need to maintain it.

Compliance required for OSP registration

Compliance is basically forms that you need to fill in order to maintain anything. For the purpose of registration, you would need the following compliances:

  1. Form -1: This refers to the application for registration of OSP centre.
  2. Certificate of Incorporation: This is the document that you would need in order to establish an OSP Centre.
  3. An affidavit that authorizes the authorized signatory

General terms and conditions of OSP

The following are the general terms and conditions that are needed to be abided by both the domestic and international OSP:

  1. The registration is to be granted to any company that can provide application services
  2. Only a company can be applicant of OSP registration application.
  3. The documents for registration are:
    1. COI
    1. MOA and AOA
    1. Board resolution
    1. Note that specifies the nature of OSP
    1. List of company directors
    1. Present shareholding patterns.
  4. The documents are needed to be certifies by a CA, a CS or any other type of pubic notary
  5. The registration is location specific registration
  6. For multiple locations, multiple registration is necessary
  7. Any changes made to the infrastructure of the OSP is needed to be informed to the experts
  8. A processing fee of INR 1000 has to be submitted along with the application.
  9. The license has the validity of 20 years, after which one can renew it.
  10. The renewal period of 10 years is granted. If you want 20 years worth of renewal, you will need to renew twice.
  11. If there is any chance in the name or address of the company from the one that has been mentioned in the Performa, then the OSP has to inform DOT about it.

The above compliances for registration are the cornerstone. Therefore, heed them well if you want your registration process to bear fruit.

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